Lessons from the (Junk) Mailbag

If you are like me you get a thick stack of unsolicited mail tossed on your desk every day.  Maybe you’re lucky and you get a big rubber band in the deal. In the daily triage we have all honed the survival skill of separating the wheat from the chaff, the checks from the come-ons.   And if that is not enough, you are doing well if the ratio of “real” emails to anonymous solicitations is any better than 1 in 5.  Somehow I have… Read more

Covering Your Ears

I just finished a course on sound privacy and speech masking in architecture from Cambridge Sound Management.  This is a topic that many of our clients have great interest in whether out of a general sense of propriety or the requirements of their workplace. This course explained how privacy is measured and quantified and gave a overview of good practices. It was interesting to learn that based on research surveys about 46% of people in the workplace identified themselves as “collaborators” while the remaining 54%… Read more