Lessons from the (Junk) Mailbag

If you are like me you get a thick stack of unsolicited mail tossed on your desk every day.  Maybe you’re lucky and you get a big rubber band in the deal. In the daily triage we have all honed the survival skill of separating the wheat from the chaff, the checks from the come-ons.   And if that is not enough, you are doing well if the ratio of “real” emails to anonymous solicitations is any better than 1 in 5.  Somehow I have… Read more

What Is The Use of Drawing?

Recently I finished drawing a view of a proposed project and presented it to my clients.  The drawing was a mixed-media mélange—some hand sketching, some tricked-up photo collage, some digital painting.  The response was classic.  “This is great.  We can really see it now.  This really captures the feeling,” followed by the clincher, “What program did you use to get this?”  It reminded me of a question I heard once from a student of mine after I had successfully demonstrated a graphic technique.  “What kind… Read more