And as problem-solvers, we’re guided by core beliefs that place client goals front and center.


  1. Architecture impacts our clients—and their communities.
    Architecture is not simply an art form, nor is it a product for consumption; rather, it establishes an environment, reflects a community’s values, and meets a client’s needs. We are architects for our clients, but architecture influences everyone who interacts with the completed project. We value and respect this responsibility, and believe that while good architecture solves a client’s problem, great architecture also enhances the community fabric.
  2. Your needs trump our aesthetic.
    We value design. We appreciate beauty. But our priority is creating spaces and buildings that address our clients’ needs—not our own aesthetic. In fact, our “signature style” doesn’t involve stylistic elements at all. Instead, our projects are distinguished by our process—the steps we take to ensure our clients receive the right guidance, expertise, and support to create the physical spaces that meet their functional and aesthetic needs.
  3. Your project is more than a set of drawings—it’s a creative process AND a product.
    Long before our clients have finished plans in hand, we create and develop multiple approaches to solve their functional problems—and we help manage everything from identifying the need, to planning, to budget analysis, to contractor selection. Long after the drawings are complete, we help coordinate construction, interior design, and project closeout. Our value is in the creativity, expertise, and process—not just the product.
  4. Successful projects are built on strong partnerships.
    We love what we do, and we carry that passion into the relationships we build with our clients. We’re invested in their projects from the start, and we see trust as an integral piece of bringing projects to life successfully. While the construction drawings are our product, our guidance and support are the root of our value.
  5. “Green” design is no longer a nice-to-have.
    It’s an expectation. We’ve built our reputation on sustainability and adaptive reuse, and we approach every project with an eye toward careful use of our local resources and future consumption. You can’t “greenwash” sustainable design, because buildings don’t lie: the efficiencies we create are real and measurable. SMP’s “Honest Green” philosophy means we believe sustainable buildings are created through proper planning—not just the ideal solar orientation. Efficient use of space keeps you from overbuilding, maintaining both the first cost and long-term expense of your project. Only then can our team consider passive and active solar strategies, a tight building envelope, and highly efficient systems.